Tropical Cyclone Bulletin

Here is the latest Tropical Cyclone Bulletin issued by the Nam Chan Philbert Observatory.  Typhoon level 8 is in force. This means that winds with mean speeds of 91 to 152 kilometers per hour are expected.

All residents are required to stay indoors as the Black warning is issued, and to listen to local radio,     or check on internet for information.

The week of exams, draw to an end tomorrow with the English exam, common to all graders

A level S (Science)
A level E-S (Economical & Social)
A level L (Literary)

B levels Technical (All types)

                                                                                         O levels - All schools standard

For the last years, all grades have evolved, with +5.98% for approval, and 36% for congratulations and reward remarks, with plus 1.2% who get their exams with an "excellence" grade (90+ %)

Can it happen again ??

The English exam tomorrow is believed by many to be an analysis of a text by Walter-Scott for A-levels, and More for B and O levels, but these are speculations!

Good l

Sokeung mansions to face destruction after the Nam Chan Urbanism Board has decided to gentrify the area, Sokeung was famous for being unregulated inside, with 90 guesthouses, and undocumented housing, and other underground activities such as illegal doctors, prostitution etc....

The new plan is to construct a building, called Fangzhen M

RTS plans to bring in double-deck trains for the Cross Island Line (CI), stating that the capacity requirement of the whole system is expected to quadruple by 2030. This was counterbalanced by the realisation that stations in certain locations, for example Nam Chan and Museum, could not accommodate a longer train without extensive infrastructural modifications.

A team was put in charge of the BREEZE train to design and study the key factors and benefits. One of the first ways of gaining a few valuable centimetres was in the introduction of articulation, hence the BREEZE train will be the world’s first ever articulated double deck vehicle. This technological breakthrough provides an extra wide carbody, extra wide gangways – thereby increasing accessibility – and for the first time, the benefit of visibility throughout the train. Once articulation had been considered, the option of alternating double deck and single deck vehicles became logical, with the advantage of putting equipment such as compressors and converters in the single deck vehicles – thereby distributing the axle load evenly.

The new Transport Masterplan 2030 is expected to be published next month including info about the new trains.
Although full details have not been released, at 5:01pm NCT, the worksite for the future underground Waterloo RTS Station collapsed which caused the LKM (Lam Keung Motorway) to cave into the worksite. It is believed that 9 people died.
The Cross Island Line was immideiately shut down causing havoc for commuters heading home during the afternoon rush including motorists who use the LKM. Passengers at Nam Chan Station told NCM, "Wow, that is really horrific. I hope its not very big", "I have no idea how I'm going to get home." and "Well we can expect the CI Extension to be delayed, again."
Currently at the Namchanese Cultural museum an exhibition about the yellow routers, their importance and impact in a nation before the RTS was built

Famous models like the Bristol Sai-Fan and the Peugeot doubledecker bus can be visited, and there are rides everyday

Redevelopment of the southern CFD seawalls are expected to start construction early next year and will allow pedestrian access throughout the CFD waterfronts plus a new ferry terminal is expected to be built as well. The seawalls are expected to be completed in 2015 whilst the ferry terminal will be the year after.
The Namchanese Stock Market, the  Chi-Sin Index ended the day 60 points up, making it a better day than it's rival, the Hang Seng Index